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D11 DI
The SCA D11 is a two-channel active DI that accepts a high-impedance, unbalanced, instrument-level input and produces a low-impedance, balanced, mic-level output. An optional Jensen or Cinemag transformer can be fitted to provide a fully floating isolated output if required. The D11 has a small number of components, requires no adjustment or trimming, and is very easy to assemble.
CH02-SP-D11 subpanel must be ordered separately.
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Switchable Impedance
Switch between 1M ohms, 100K ohms, or 10K ohms input impedance depending on your pickups. Other impedances possible with simple resistor substitution.
Linkable Inputs
The input jacks can be jumpered so that either input can drive both outputs. This makes it easy to drive a pair of preamps simultaneously. The jacks can also be jumpered in parallel for direct pass-through to an amp.
Extremely Wide Bandwidth
Flat response to beyond 200 KHz is guaranteed to keep all the highs intact.
High current class A design
The simple, 3-transistor, all-discrete, class-A circuit has a low-noise JFET input and a fully balanced output.
Neutrik Connectors
High quality PC mount connectors eliminate cabling and ease assembly.
Optional Output Transformer
Fit an optional Jensen or Cinemag transformer to one or both channels for a fully balanced isolated output.
Flexible Power Supply
On-board voltage regulators accommodate power supplies from +/-27VDC to +/-35VDC. Local regulation also keeps inter-channel crosstalk extremely low when multiple modules share the same power supply.
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